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13 July 2029 @ 05:29 pm

Please note, fanfic rated MA is Friend locked due to content. Please reply to this entry with some information about you, and if you're of age and into BSG like I am, I will likely friend you :D.


Reflections (A/R, T)
Chasing Death, Finding Life (A/R, MA)
Execution (A/R, T)
Kindred Spirit (A/R, Kara pov, MA)
Revelations (R/Zarek, A/R, M)
Exposure (A/R, Zarek, MA)
Late Night Snack (A/R, MA)
Dirty Hands (A/R, MA))
Last Words (R/Caprica, T)
Shadows and Light (A/R, MA)
The Small Moments II (R/Racetrack, mild A/R), T, bsg_remix challenge)
Watermarks (A/R, MA, loveintheloo challenge fic)
A/R thread paragraph challenge (A/R, K)
bsg_kink drabbles (A/?,A/R,Baltar/R, M - MA)
bsg_kink drabbles 3 (A/R, R/C, Bill solo, Baltar/R, Bill/Saul, M - MA)
Threadbare (A/R, MA)
Drabble collection (A/R, Dee/Billy, A/R/Baltar, A/R/Sean, K - MA+)


Inertia (Laura/Sam, MA)
Irritable Hearts (A/R, Saul, MA)
Respite (A/R, MA)
Co-written with icedteainthebag
Note: the above link will send you to my writing partner's journal, where all five parts of this fic are :).
A Matter of Perspective (A/R, MA)
Between the Lines (A/R, T)
Common Ground (A/R, MA)
Sliver of Light (A/R, M)
Cold Blood (A/R, M)
Surrender (A/R, MA)
Debriefing (A/R, MA)
Full Circle (A/R, R/Caprica, MA, please note warnings)
Echoes (A/R, MA)


The Devil You Know (A/R, M)

Enjoy!! Comments are always appreciated.

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Feeling a little nostalgic today. Thought it might be fun to share favourite toys that we had growing up. Which toys did you take everywhere? Play with until they fell apart? Remember fondly? Take a minute and share your top five!

My top five are under the cut.

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25 November 2013 @ 08:56 am
Title: Fall
Author: larsfarm77
Rating: T
Word count: 175
Summary: A collection of images, starting at the end
A/N: Written for the prompt "red" for MoL VII, day 25.

Many, many thanks to somadanne for the amazing beta work -- you rock, my friend!

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16 August 2013 @ 11:48 am
I was happy to hear that Major Crimes got a season three renewal, and I started to think of the only other show I knew that had a woman in her sixties as the lead actress: Murder She Wrote. I actually used to watch this in the 90s as I had a thing for mysteries in high school. It's amazing to put the leads of Murder She Wrote and Major Crimes side by side (ok, I know I cheated slightly as one of these is Mary as Mary, not Mary as Sharon).

These two women are the same age (at the time in their respective series'):

I'm wondering if the Jessica Fletcher character was meant to be more 'frumpy' or if this was how older woman were perceived in the 90s? Do women do more now to look younger? Is 60 just not the same as it was?
Saw this on FB today and was tickled. It's from USS NAVRAS facebook page

How cute is this (based on Star Trek: The Next Generation)?

And it got me thinking, what would a BSG one look like? Saul Tigh as Charlie Brown with an eyepatch? Kara as Schroeder (playing her fateful tune on the piano)? Lee as Linus with his thumb and blanket? Laura Roslin as Peppermint Patty and Tory as her friend Marcie??

What do you think? Anyone artsy wanna try it?? I think it would be so cool!!
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11 April 2013 @ 01:28 pm
So, we're ringing in spring here with a bit of an ice storm, with worse to come. They cancelled school (and thus my work day), so I find myself with some unexpected extra time today. So, I'm wasting it :D. Nah, actually, I cleaned stuff (and my kids are here), and thus earned my time wasteage :D :D

Ever since I went to Toronto for Comic Con (and an awesome Star Trek: TNG reunion), I've been having fun occasionally watching some old TNG. You can get the DVD sets really cheaply right now, because the blu rays have come out and everyone is trading their old ones in.

I've already come upon two instances where Ron Moore stole from himself for BSG! I was watching the classic Klingon episode 'Sins of the Father' and what did Worf's father do that resulted in the destruction of the outpost at Khitomer? He gave the defence codes to the Romulans. Sound familiar?? It was almost the same wording in the episode, lol, as Baltar's 'sin.' Only Worf's father didn't survive the attack.

There's a later episode called 'A Perfect Mate' in which Picard accidentally opens someone else's gift and gets literally a 'perfect mate'. The woman's name? Kamala ... eerily similar to Roslin's cancer drug, Chamalla :D?

Oooh, and I found a cool grouping of behind the scenes pics. This one was my favourite:

I was 15 and looking for role modes and ... yeah ... for a while it was Yar. Sure her acting's not great, and the writers hadn't figured out how to write her (like all the characters in the first season), but I think if she had stayed there would have been some cool stuff. Not that 'Yesterday's Enterprise' wasn't awesome (but Sela, not so much). It's probably a good thing she left though, as devastated as I felt, as it saved me from over obsessing on the show, I think :D.

How sad is it that I wanted that hair at 15? It was the 80s :D. Ok, enough random from me :)
07 November 2012 @ 11:41 am
Title: The Small Details
Pairing: Adama/Roslin, some Head Baltar POV, Head Six
Rating: MA
Words: ~4200
Original fic: Time and Again
Original author: marzipanilla
Summary: Is “all this has happened before, and all this will happen again” really set in stone?
Author notes: Written for the AR Remix challenge at adama_roslin. So much love and thanks to somadanne for an invaluable beta.

The Small Details
17 October 2012 @ 10:09 am
somadanne and I have had some projects we've been working on for a while for the BSG locations website. Last week and this week, we've debuted one whole new section and two new pages!

Over the last several months, two photographers have shared behind the scenes photos with us, some from Kamloops and some from the filming of 'Sometimes a Great Notion.' We've created a new section called 'Behind the Scenes', and the Kamloops page went up last week:

Behind the Scenes

We've also been collecting photos from fans who've been out to the sites. It's been so much fun helping fans with their trips and sharing in previous adventures that we've been wanting to dedicate a page. It went up on the site today:

Your Trips

If you have a photo you'd like to share for this page, drop me a PM!

We also have a facebook page where you can preview some of the SAGN photos (and receive updates):

Battlestar Locations FB page

Some day I may figure out how to add a link to the BSG website on the sidebar of my journal, lol.
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30 May 2012 @ 08:09 am
Surfing eBay this morning and came across this little gem:

Custom Laura Roslin Doll

It's obvious that Laura is on her way to a meeting with Bill ... ;D
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18 April 2012 @ 09:30 am
Just taking a moment to pimp a fun game over at adama_roslin!

Your mission: Take a 300x300 pixel canvas, and make us a big giant icon of your favorite A/R scene!

Here is the post where you put your big giant icons (and it has a link to the original post so you can read about the event):

Big Giant Icon Drop Off Post

We'll be doing several rounds, starting with the mini and then one for each season! No fancy graphics skillz necessary, but if you have 'em, feel free to use 'em! Serious or silly -- have fun with icons :).

First submissions (for The Miniseries) are due Wednesday night!
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